Missing top & bottom light commands in Bond Home app (using latest firmware v2.7.16)


We’ve communicated several times over the last week or so, here on this forum, via email support, and also on the Hubitat community forum. During this time I’ve continued to test the Bond Home app (version 2.10.0) and latest beta v2 firmware versions. All fan control functions (on/off, speed levels, etc.) work well and I have local control. Basic integration with Hubitat is also working well and I’m continuing to work with the developer to test functionality.

However, I’ve hit a snag! It has to do with the my Emerson ceiling fans. Anyway, these fans have top and bottom lights. The legacy Bond app gives me control of the two lights but after migrating over to the Bond Home app and using the latest v2 beta firmware I only have control of a single light. That is, there are missing commands to control the top and bottom lights independently.

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this before now, my bad! I guess this is a migration issue…

In the Bond Home app I can edit commands for each ceiling fan and get it to properly identify the correct device (see screenshot - A1a device with 3 speeds, two lights). However, once I set it up with that new configuration, I lose my local devices and suddenly they become cloud based devices (I think). I say that because when I go to Bond Bridge settings the “devices associated” that was formerly 2 (for each fan) is now 0.

Any suggestions on how I can resolve this ?

Interesting. I’m not sure why this is happening! I’ll reproduce on my end tomorrow.

This I can answer. You are correct, these are implemented as cloud devices. I finished the offline version of these devices today. The panel for “A1a” will be identical to the panel presented by the “We’ve found some remote controls” screen, but will be stored in your Bond’s database.

We just need to polish up this for release, it should be available early next week.

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Thanks Jacob,

I also communicated with Bond support today (Ashley) on this issue. I ended up getting it to work eventually, although I’m not sure if what I did is the final and/or best solution.

I basically started over (green reset my Bond) and re-added the fans, first from the legacy Bond app, then did the other steps to migrate everything over to the Bond Home app. After that I edited each ceiling fan in Bond Home to remove the single light command and add in two new commands, one for the Top light and one for the Bottom light. I bypassed the database search (turned the toggle off) and just selected RF and the specific frequency for my Emerson remotes.

Anyway, it works. Doing this allowed me to retain the “local” control and the associated devices properly shows with a count of 2. More significantly, it allows me to continue using the Bond device integration in Hubitat. In Hubitat I can now control fan speed, forward/reverse direction, and turning on/off the Top and Bottom lights.

I guess I will wait and see what happens once the official roll out to production occurs with Bond local device control.

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