Activity Logging and Event Monitor

Am I missing or does this functionality of an Activity Log not exist? I would love to see when Bond triggered an action and when it did not. It helps trouble-shoot.

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Actions History is making a comeback, actually. Should be in an app release very soon.

Awesome! Is it in the next that’s in Beta right now? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Curious as to how y’all got around this:

Curious as to how y’all got around [cost issue]

We switched to a different database on AWS (TimeStream instead of Elastic) and the activity will be limited to last 30 days.

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As a complement to the official Bond method, I have worked some (though currently backburner’d) on finishing the polish of my BondFanboi monitor / logger.

It is Windows based, specifically using AutoIT to compile into a standalone command line interface EXE.

If that is of interest to folks, I can post the source code and/or finish the polish.

For those interested in smart hubs, the bond app in Hubitat should be able to notify on a device activation. Email and text, if you have configured those.

Not quite yet. I’m expecting in an app release towards the holiday season.

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