Help with Broadlink compatible Shades

I am trying to connect Bond to set of existing shades. The Shades work today with the Broadlink RM Pro Universal Remote, but I would like to standardize on Bond.

I have tried to add to Bond both the standard method and advanced method. When I add the standard method, it successfully turns green but the shades don’t work, interestingly the RF Frequency reports 433.66 when going through this process.

I then go to the Advanced process. I plug in the information, including the RF on the remote which is 433.92 . That doesn’t even make the ring green.

To confirm, the remote does successfully work on the Shades.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

Can you share some more info about your shades so we can better assist?

  • photo of front & back of remote control
  • FCC ID from back of remote control

It is common that the actual transmit frequency of remotes differs slightly from the FCC filing, due to wide tolerances in frequency-determining components. Bond Bridge attempts to find the true centre frequency.