Zemismart shade with AC123-01D remote

Hi there,

I have the BOND Bridge (non pro), it’s working with my all my remotes except for the AC123-01D.

The bridge can receipt the signal and save it but can’t reproduce it, the shade don’t move.

The remote is the model in the link bellow:

Can you please help me?

Thanks !

Looks like some other people (not using Bond Bridges) did some digging into this family of remotes.

Can you find the FCC ID on the remote, or inside the remote battery compartment?

The closest I was able to find was YC5AC123-02, but I think that’s a different remote.

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Thanks for the reply.

I previously saw the information you shared and I’m worry because it seems a problem.

I attached a picture of the numbers I found inside and outside the remote.

Please tell me you can help with this information!

Thanks again!