Harbor Breeze Mac II (model 42468)

Hello! I purchased a Harbor Breeze Mac II ceiling fan model 42468. The FCC ID on the remote is A25-TX001-R1.

The button configuration on the remote is…

  • 3 dots (full speed)
  • 2 dots (medium)
  • 1 dot (low)
  • Fan on/off.
  • Light button. A single tap turns it on or off. Holding it changes the brightness / warmth.

I have searched this forum and tried Bond’s FCC-ID lookup but so far not found anything to indicate that the Bond Bridge will work with said fan.

Does anyone else reading have this fan and does it work with the Bond Bridge?


I do not have it, but at least it looks like A25-TX001-R1 is in the hardware capable range for Bond (315 MHz).

That being said, some manufacturers or models use signal schemes that are not compatible. Would be good if someone from the community or Bond team knew of this model in real world experience.

Thank you for the fast reply. I took the plunge and it worked out well enough. The Bond bridge finds the A25-TX001-R1 as an L2 (3 speed). It offered the TX001-28 as on option. The dimming worked kind of but it is hard to control. Wish it was a slider type input in the app. Maybe there is a way to do that but I’ve only had the thing an hour or so.