Hamilton Bay Issue

I am having an issue with training a Hamilton Bay Fan.


I can add the device and train the commands just fine, but they are not recognized during playback.

I have tried re-training the buttons as well as moving the bond bridge into the same room as the fan. No difference.

Do the LEDs blink when you press the buttons in the Bond app?

What are the first two letters of your serial number?
What firmware version is your Bridge showing?

If you look at the Settings of the recorded device in the Bond app and click Advanced, do you see a Template?
If so, which one is it?

Some of those details will help us in the forums troubleshoot, but will also be useful if you get support from the Bond team.
During business hours, the Bond staff are available by using Settings → Help Center → Chat with Support, or by opening a ticket via email ( customerservice@olibra.io ).

The device itself looks like it should be supported, and the remote reminds me of fans I’ve used with Bond in the past at old homes.

Yes the lights blink.

The Bond Serial # starts with ZZxxxx
FW version is 2.28.0

If I go to device → device settings → advanced - I just see local token (no mention of a template). When I did the initial device configuration, I selected FAN as the device type.

I did open a Bond support ticket (#58913) as well for this.

Bond support provided manual directions which were able to resolve the issue.

Carrier Frequency is 303.95, Template A1 ended up working for me.

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Thanks for updating!

Guessing they had you go into Advanced, RF, set frequency to 303.95, and then maybe suggested a specific button to test first to encourage the A1 template to pop up automatically?

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Correct. For some reason during the initial scanning, it seems to have been detecting 304.95 as the carrier frequency.

@trexx where you able to get this to work I am having the same issue