New Moooniche fan/light

This fan (purchased from Amazon) says it operates at 433M (which should be within the Bond Bridge Pro’s range, I think). Yet it is not detected by the Bond Bridge Pro when I try to set it up. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there more to compatibility than just frequency? The Bridge just keeps blinking for 30 seconds until it times out while I continuously push any of the buttons on the remote. (I tried three or four different buttons before I gave up)

In addition to the actual frequency used (which the Bond staff usually ask us to provide an FCC ID from looking at the remote in order to confirm), there are the modulation methods for the actual signal (OOK, FSK, etc)

Most remotes use one of those methods, so there is wide support within the Bond Bridge hardware and software for 433 MHz signals, though not probably 100% if I understand correctly.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out the manufacturer has now admitted that the statement in their manual that it operated on 433MHz is erroneous and, in fact, it operated on Bluetooth. THey asked me to send them pictures of the manual I received as they claim their manual does not say that . . .

So mystery is solved (but I have a device that I wanted to be Bond-compatible which is not what I wanted.

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Ah. That’s annoying. :pensive:

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