FCC ID MDY33A not working - New Fan

Hello team,

I opened a request last year and was assisted by Bond team to add MDY33A to bond bridge. Since then it has not been added to the database and second fan I got installed last week cannot be programmed for all the buttons. I made a comment to the original thread with Bond engineer last year this linked here

Can someone assist me in copying over controls from previous fan to new fan please?

Thank you

@guy - wanted to make sure you saw this, since it seems maybe this is just missing from the template database?

Any update or solution on this request? Hope to hear and resolved this soon.

As a more timely alternative, have you tried to get Support through Chat in the app during business hours, or via emailing customerservice@olibra.io?

The forums are great but Bond staff only get through here sporadically.

Thanks Matt for the pointers. Earlier I initiate it thru this medium so continued here. Good to know alternatives. Be safe.

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Wonder if this company has any support left? As Matt suggested, I opened a ticket via email provided on Jul 24th and all I keep getting is what I term as canned responses stating they have not heard from engineers. Any other means to get attention from someone at this company will be appreciated.

Looking at our firmware changelog, it seems we added support for this protocol in firmware v2.20.3 (back in May of this year). It should show up as template “RCF241”.

Thanks @merck for the update, however when I was adding the remote there is nothing that pops up for selection and since adding additional fan (with similar remote as mentioned) original fan profile that your support person created (Guy, if I am not mistaken) many times show up blank. I have to force close app and reopen to get all the commands back. I have been reticent to remove original fan profile added by Guy so as not to lose everything. This is how it shows most of the times to have to force close the app.