Generic Devices

Hey guys,

We implemented generic devices into our Control4 and RTI drivers recently and i was wondering what kind of devices people were using this for?

Can anyone at Olibra tell me if the devices are available in the database for generic devices? Would be good to promote these since its such a broad catch all.

Toto Washlet: “Alexa, clean my …”

Generic Devices are raw-recorded only, that means that it doesn’t query our database, we only record the remote signal.
The idea is to give freedom to the user to record whatever it wants to.
For what we have seen, a lot of people use it for TVs, ACs, Christmas Lights, Garage Doors, etc

I use a bunch of cheap RF outlets as “Generic Devices” to control stuff… most usefully a heat exchanging fresh air ventilator.

Oh yeah the Christmas tree 1 mo out of the year :slight_smile:

I was unaware of the Generic Devices. I just tried adding a device to control my adjustable bed - one button raises it to a standard level and one lowers it flat. Clicking the same button a second time stops the motor, etc.

It seemed to be able to record the remote buttons but the playback test did not do anything other than the Bond flashed the blue ring a few times as if it were working.


I would like to see more buttons added along with being able to name buttons…

Not that it’s super elegant, but I have an RF-controlled floor lamp Bond would swear is a custom fireplace, and an IR-controlled oscillating fan that Bond believes is a ceiling fan.

What does that get me? Buttons beyond the few for official “generic” devices.
With the API, I’ve been able to rename the button names as I see fit, as well.

See here for the example of my oscillating Dyson fan.

I have a TV and lights in use currently with generic devices… Work well. Not savy enough to try any API stuff… was hoping it was something we could edit within the app.

The reason we don’t support any other buttons is, they wouldn’t export to Google Home / Alexa. We got a lot of angry feedback when we had buttons on the app which did not work via voice.

What you can do is, set up multiple “generic devices” and give them names like “TV Channel 4” or “Living Room AC Cool Mode”.

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Good point, Chris. I forget some of those caveats when the official Bond <–> Smart Assistant / Voice Assistant integrations are used.

Some day, when we have proper support for, say, Air Conditioners, we will have a full-blown AC device type, with a nice control panel, and integrations that “just work”.

Having a highly-customizable interface that just works through the app is possible, but there’s a very small audience for that. Most people want it to “just work”… that’s where the magic is, and that’s what we are in the business of doing.

(That said, we publish our API docs so that if enterprising folks want to build a config tool to add new buttons, icons, etc., it should be possible.)

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I understand, I have done just that… Added more generic remotes to accomplish what I was after.