Generic Devices

Hey guys,

We implemented generic devices into our Control4 and RTI drivers recently and i was wondering what kind of devices people were using this for?

Can anyone at Olibra tell me if the devices are available in the database for generic devices? Would be good to promote these since its such a broad catch all.

Toto Washlet: “Alexa, clean my …”

Generic Devices are raw-recorded only, that means that it doesn’t query our database, we only record the remote signal.
The idea is to give freedom to the user to record whatever it wants to.
For what we have seen, a lot of people use it for TVs, ACs, Christmas Lights, Garage Doors, etc

I use a bunch of cheap RF outlets as “Generic Devices” to control stuff… most usefully a heat exchanging fresh air ventilator.

Oh yeah the Christmas tree 1 mo out of the year :slight_smile: