SmartThings: Support for Fireplaces and Generic Devices

Hey all,

Our SmartThings integration was previously unable to control Fireplaces and Generic Devices — we’ve just added both as simple switches. You may need to refresh your SmartThings “Bond Home” device to see them (Visiting settings->connected devices->Bond Home should do it), though I think that they’ll automatically populate after a while.

Let me know if you have any feedback on improvements you’d like to see from our SmartThings integration in general!

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only one of my fans and the Somfy shades get exposed to ST

Have the latest Beta (2.9.4)

Tried deleting and adding the Bond Integration again in ST

Only “local” devices get exposed in SmartThings (because we don’t want to invest any more energy in “cloud” devices)

To tell whether your device is “local” or “cloud”, tap the device settings. If you see “local token”, you should be good to go. If not, try re-recording. In v2.9.4 almost every device has a local version, but we’ve left the cloud devices that already exist in place. By re-recording you should get a local version.

This distinction will be gone by the end of the year.

hi Jacob,

device is certainly cloud. will try and record it again tonight and see if it shows up


@jacob I got a request to add generic devices to my Hubitat integration, I don’t see any API docs for them other than that the device type is GX… what commands can I send it?