Are the plans to add cable box support?

At least off. Most new cable boxes are rf and control the tv. A “hey google, goodnight” where the tv turns off would be nice

I’ve not seen too many cable boxes that are RF (IR was still the standard last time I got a new cable box), but if the signal is within the hardware range of a Bond Bridge and uses a compatible encryption / method, you should be able to raw record a generic device for on/off fairly easily.

Could also work for the IR based boxes out there, again as a generic device.

Have you tried raw recording a device into the Bond Bridge?

Hey @Hubitatbond

I’m Endy, one of the developers of Bond.

Unfortunately, cable box support is not on the short-term roadmap right now.

Personally, I once configured my cable box as a ceiling fan. Since speed options go only until 8, I couldn’t choose a channel that includes the “9” digit, but my most common cases were the channels 630 and 512, so it worked great.

Good to mention that it was an IR cable box.
Oh, and it didn’t turn my TV on/off, so I used a simple generic device to control my TV too.

I know that it is not official support, but you can get it to work. If you would like me to help you to do the setup, feel free to reply here or send me a DM!

My band isn’t here yet, 3 day shipping. I was just preparing automations in advanced

Hey, I use home assistant a lot. You should open the api so more devices can be configured. You don’t need Official support. I’d love to be able to control my beauty rest bed. I plan to use bond via home assistant to use lutron picos to control my devices. The problem it the api only allows fans/ fireplaces… I just wish the api included humidifiers/beds/cable boxes/ those ir/rf led light strips etc. let the more advanced users use the api “at our own risk”

I use a couple different RF devices Bond thinks are “fireplaces”, but are really lamps.
Other folks have integrated unique RF / IR devices.
I’ve done few custom IR devices as well - basically, any of the device types in Bond can be used to control anything, and the button names can be modified via API to make more sense for your usage case.

I still look forward to the time in the future when, hopefully, I’ll be able to make any actions and buttons I want for a generic device of my creation - but at the present time, I can do a lot more than just ceiling fans and fireplaces (even if Bond thinks a device is a fan or fireplace).

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without meaning to endorse a non-Bond product in the Bond forum… if you’re looking for an alternative in the short term, I use the Amazon Fire Cube which can control IR devices by voice, including the killer one (for me) being input switching. Works really pretty well

With Prime day coming up, it’ll probably be on sale shortly