RF Recording - RTI Remote

I just came across this product when looking for a device to control my ceiling fans. Saw the mention of RTI on the website. I have 2 RTI remotes at 433mhz. Can the Bond record the RF commands off those remotes?

I’m not looking to program the RTI remote to work with Bond to send commands.

I am looking to see if the Bond can learn the existing RTI RF commands as a generic device or something.

I’m thinking if so, then i could record the basic AV system On and Off commands and integrate through to google assistant without having to get my rti processor updated and reprogrammed to work with voice assistants.

I haven’t heard of this before, but based on the frequency, I’d guess you could. I suppose it really comes down to the remotes’ modulation. Do your remotes by chance have an FCC ID on them?

If I’m looking at the correct identifiers on them: one is ID: MMURTI1100 which is an RTI T1-B, the other is both ID:MMURTI1500 and ID: MMURTI1600 which is an RTI T2X.


This ended up working without issue using the T1-B (ID: MMURTI1100). Still trying to get it to work with the T2X (ID:MMURTI1500 and ID: MMURTI1600).

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The intent of the RTI integration is to let RTI control Bond devices (via a driver and API). I didn’t imagine that someone would use Bond Home to control RTI via their RF remote control! Definitely not what was intended by “we support RTI”, but glad it worked for you with one of the remotes at least.