Smartthings show Bond devices offline

I have Bond Home setup for 2 shades, 2 fans, and few generic devices controlling IR and RF devices. Everything is integrated in Smartthings and was working perfectly until about 2-3 weeks ago. The generic devices show offline in smartthings. I go on the Bond app and toggle them once and they are back online in Smartthings, but on the next day, they will return offline, until I toggle them again. That is happening everyday, and only with the generic devices. Fans and shares do not show this beharviour.

I wonder in something got broken in the Smartthings interface as they are moving away from the Groovy IDE.

Anyone is experiencing this issue?
Any idea?

I’m trying to avoid deleting Bond from Smartthing and re-integrating them again. This will break all my automations associated with the Bond devices.

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I have the same issue, but have been unplugging my bond hub.

Will be following this thread to see if there’s a non-invasive fix

Just chiming in to say I should have looked here weeks ago to see it wasn’t just my problem. Devices would be offline until I used the Bond app to control them. I removed from ST to start fresh and now devices won’t show up at all there or Alexa app. Support still hasn’t said much other than “we’ll look into it.” Seems like it’s been weeks, though…