Firmware v2.5.2 (Z- units)

This is a firmware upgrade only, and is only available when explicitly requesting a Firmware Upgrade through BOND Settings.

This applies only to BONDs with serial numbers starting in Z.

There is no associated App version.

Changes from v2.4.16:

  • Auto-Reboot on Wi-Fi failure implemented
  • Rescue reset fixed through bootloader patch
  • Enable Config AP when Wi-Fi or Cloud connection fails
  • Fix spontaneous glitching of LED ring (single flashing red LED)

For the new ZZ I have, even requesting the firmware manually through the (Android) app (v 1.139.0) does not provide 2.5.2 - it still says 2.4.16 is latest firmware.
Is this supposed to be requested through Local API / manually pushed by you guys, or is there something unexpected about the app not being able to pull the new version?