BOND Software Release v1.138

Release Overview

This is a maintenance release of Android & iOS apps, including new firmware for BONDs with serials starting in A or B.

Fix Server Reconnect Issue

On previous firmware, BONDs (with serials starting in A or B) did not reconnect to the server after a specific type of server failure (mosquitto server restart).

We discovered this week the root cause of the problem, and fixed it in firmware v1.138.1.

So, now BONDs will reconnect to server if there is a server restart.

Note that, although designed the “Auto-Reboot on WiFi Failure” feature to provide a fail-safe for this kind of situation, there was a subtle issue which prevented the Auto-Reboot feature from detecting the error condition.

Add Account Code to Apps

For now, this applies only to BONDs with serial numbers starting in Z.

When using the WebGUI on V2 firmware to set up a BOND on WiFi, it asks for the “Account Code” from the Account Settings screen in the apps. Previously, this screen did not exist. These Apps now contain this Account Code in Account Settings Screen.

Android Zermatt Second Setup

We fixed an issue which may have prevented users from setting up a BOND with serial starting in ZZ for a second time, or changing the WiFi network, when using the Android App.

Faster Firmware Upgrade during Setup Flow for ZZ-BONDs

For ~1yr, we have upgraded BONDs by performing a transfer of the firmware over the Config AP, prior to the BOND connecting to the Home WiFi. This proved to work very well.

With BONDs with serials starting in Z on previous apps, we did not have this behavior: all firmware upgrades for these BONDs occurred after the setup.

With this App version, we now make the firmware upgrade during WiFi setup the same for Zermatt and Snowbird: The App transfers the firmware over the Config AP, prior to commanding the BOND to connect to the home WiFi.

The result is many fewer errors during BOND setup, and faster setup overall.

Android Fix for Local WiFi Communication

This release fixes an issue in the Android Apps where we fail to communicate with the BOND over the Local Home WiFi in some circumstances.