Things are pretty quiet around here

Externally it doesn’t look like much progress has been made. Could we please get a status update on:

  • SmartThings integration. Read somewhere that this may have to wait until all Bonds have 2.x firmware?
  • Local API for cloud devices
  • Cloud API

I have three fans hooked up to Bond and can’t control any of them through the local API. Would be really nice to have some way to control them with any of the options above by end of summer…

Have you tried re-adding at least one of the fans with bypassing the database matching and actually recording each keypress manually, like @maskedpirate was able to do in the thread “Cannot get devices from local API”?
You don’t have to delete the working cloud version until you confirm the new manually recorded “copy” / duplicate device works.

This manual recording forces the device to be stored as a local vs cloud device.
Of course, knowing my luck you’ve got some extra complicated remote that doesn’t follow that rule because it’s so complicated it currently has to be cloud based at present. Crossing my fingers that isn’t the case.

From what I’ve been told before, that is the case. This is the remote I have (FCC ID CHQ7225T):

I feared that. Sorry I didn’t find the discussion easily last night where you had indicated those details before.
Up to the team to get those cloud devices able to be moved local still, then.

Yeah, we’ve been pretty quiet, sorry about that, it’s been very busy! I can get you a status update. Our main priority right now is the cloud->local migration. After the next app release (next week probably), I’ll release a version of the firmware that supports local versions of most cloud devices. At that time, we will migrate all supported the existing cloud devices to the Bond’s database. 90% of all devices migrated should come with this initial release, but there’s a long tail of families with just a few dozen users each that may take a while.

We revisited our SmartThings integration last week and identified the sources of two major problems with it. I’ll speak more to the known issues in the thread about SmartThings. One additional note is that because we are getting rid of cloud devices, SmartThings will only support local devices, so the release of a fully-functional SmartThings integration is tied to the release of the cloud->local migration.

As for the cloud API, we currently have no timeline on that, but migrating the cloud devices down to the Bond should give you control.