FCC ID : 2AAZPFAN35TI is it supported?

Is this fan’s FCC ID supported?? 2AAZPFAN35TI
I have been unable to make it work properly… even when I program the app and record the remote’s transmission up close (about 12 inches away)?

I waited 6 months to see if BOND would update the app to include this fan’s remote, but no luck.
The good news is that I am happily controlling 3 other ceiling fans with Bond via Alexa with good results.

Please help,


You can check yourself if something is officially supported / known or not here:

That FCC ID you provided does not look like it is known in the Bond’s database.

FCC lists it as 303.875 MHz, so it is within a supported range; however, not all modulations / encryptions are supported.

You can always use the Support chat feature in the Bond app during business hours, or emailing customerservice@olibra.io, to get support (the forums here are not always the fastest to get a Bond staff member / official support, even though this community is great).