Fan scans as L1, not all button works

Remote FCC ID: A25-TX012
After scan calls it a “L1” remote.
Pre-beta this was a fan yall had to add on your end due to how the direction switching worked. That cloud version of the fan fully works.

The new local version I just created on the beta:

The power off button does not work
Also missing is the direction change (Forward/Reverse).

All 6 speeds and light buttons work properly. Although I did have one instance where i could not stop the dimmer (kept getting “failed to communicate to bond”)

Firmware: v2.9.4-beta
App: Android 2.15.0-beta2

Looks like you’ve got the wrong remote, the version of “L1” with direction is called “RCF87”. Its power button also has a different signal. I was working on the local implementation of this one today, actually. It’s not quite ready. What I can do right now is fix that power button for you. I’ll PM you for details. Unfortunately, I can’t fix the direction change quite yet, but it’s coming soon.

Yeah, that’s a known issue, we need to fix that.

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I updated to v2.10.8-beta today, (Android app 2.15.1-beta2), your release post says RCF87 should now be supported.
When Doing the scan, I still only get the option of L1 (using the light toggle as the button programmed) or B3 (using the power button).

It did not give me an option of RCF87.

Ah, here’s the problem. We’ve just fixed this detection, you should see RCF87 now.

It works! now i can really get playing with the API!
and i also love the change where you are showing the FCC ID of the remotes as the options