Bridge firmware v2.7.19 beta release

Hey all, I’ve just released v2.7.19 to beta. You’ll need to use the beta distribution of the app via Testflight or Fabric to get this version. If you aren’t in the Beta group, check out the link here.

Some notes:

  • A few transmission fixes for Bonds with serial prefix Z: dimmer transmissions lasting for a few minutes, the Bond Bridge disconnecting when transmitting.
  • Fix the issue where having multiple Somfy remotes would cause all but one to stop working after the Bond rebooted (!!!)
  • The big change for this version, though is: Add support for local implementations for many devices. This release covers >90% of remote instances that V1 users are using. Specifically: any ceiling fan with a code not starting in “R” when you get the results from the scan are now supported as local devices. A few fireplaces that do start with “R” are ready as well: RFP4, RFP5, RFP10.

If you already have an existing cloud version of one of these devices and want a local version, you should scan again and create a new device, then delete the old one. (When these local remotes are well-tested, we will look into doing this automatically for all existing cloud devices.)

Please let us know if any buttons on any remote aren’t working for you! Also, if you’d like to use the Local API and you have a ceiling fan remote which isn’t ready yet (that is, its code starts with “R”), let me know and I can prioritize it.

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Trying to add my stateful remote isn’t detecting but I also can’t seem to be able to get them to program. This is one of the more problematic remotes with a lcd screen. With the cloud version it would detect I believe as a F2 remote. It works fine there but no API access.

Model: HD3
IC ID: 11037A-HD3

Let me know if there is a strategy I should try or just wait for now.


I’ll PM you to debug, F2 should definitely work.

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Seems to have worked this time! Thanks!

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