Fan Controller 99434 Network Issues

I just installed my new Hampton bay ceiling fan yesterday and after wiring everything up, I assumed the 2nd box was the wireless remote control only but I was wrong. It was the wireless controller module that gets placed in the ceiling and connects to existing wiring. I finally got this device wired up and working and it shuts down my wireless network any time I try to operate the device using the mobile app. I have Ring devices including the Chime Pro 5GHz extender and it shuts this device down completely anytime I try to use the fan or control lights. I also cant even update the firmware on the device due to network issues. I am completely at a loss and I am about to yank this device out of my ceiling and operate the new fan using standard switches. Anyone had similar issues with network interference?

I just installed mine last week and it works flawlessly.

What makes you think this device has any ability to interfere with your router’s ability to keep other devices connected? I’ve never had a device interfere with other wifi devices.

If you decide to toss it, pm me. I’d be willing to buy it off you.

Yes it’s causing issues on my network. Anytime I try to use the app, it immediately shuts down my WiFi streams on other devices. I have ring devices, laptops, Apple TV, Roku, Hisense TVs, and PS4 systems that run flawless through the day and for what ever reason, this device breaks all of them when trying to use through mobile app. I’m an experienced network professional and understand networking technology. I should have purchase the black round puck device but this wired controller came bundled with my fan.

Have you tried doing a hotspot with a cellphone and then connecting the fan controller to that WiFi (via a secondary device)?

I’m very interested to get this on current firmware and then try to see what’s what.

@jacob / @merck / @feliperuhland - any reports of SBB devices on any firmwares that Hampton Bay may have shipped with that cause network interference / saturation?

@patrickbedgood There is a known issue with exactly the same behavior that you describe, but it has only been known to effect the ASUS Blue Cave router. It’s not clear whether the blame is with the router or with our WiFi module, in terms of standards compliance.

But anyways, @residualimages is right to suggest that a firmware update could help. Indeed you would need to use a different router or a hotspot. (The phone app sadly does not currently do a WiFi-direct update for SBB prior to attempting to connect to WiFi.) Your unit shipped from our factory with firmware v2.7.7 (ESP-IDF v3.2). We’ve had one major update (v2.10.12) which brought in some tweaks to the WiFi performance (ESP-IDF v3.3), and may help you. We also have a new firmware (v2.12.x) in internal testing with even more WiFi tweaks (ESP-IDF v3.3.2) which we can get also get out to you if you use the “beta” version of the Bond Home app.

I did hear from our customer service team today that you had a frustrating experience with the product — sorry for that. If you can work with us to try the new firmware we might get to a resolution.

Best – Chris

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I did open up my Guest 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ WiFi Bands a few weeks back and moved this device only to the Guest network. It paired successfully but after an hour, you can open the mobile app and try to control the lights or fan and the device shows offline. If you attempt to join it back to Wifi, all other WiFi devices in my home will immediately go offline or show “Network Unavailable”. My wife and kids have screamed so much that my wife said forget it and just use the remote control that was included instead of trying to setup on network. Home Depot will not send another universal kit because I purchased the fan online and because I purchased a smart fan, this Home Depot model # 99434 came with this fan. Had I only known at the time, I would have purchased the bond hub device as the controller but I had not idea. This could be a really great mobile app and controller if I could keep some consistency with the network, I just don’t understand why it drops. I have a first alert wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector that sits right outside the master bedroom and this controller also kicks that device offline. If I relocate the smoke alarm to another room, it will stay online for multiple days with no issue. The closest device to this fan is a Ring Chime Pro device that Ring recently sent to me however that device opereates on a 5GHz wireless channel and this device uses a 2.4GHz. I will say that my wireless network is broadcasting 2 different bands, I have a named 2.4GHz band and a named 5GHz band. I would be willing to work with someone to develop some log files if someone can let me know. Maybe I just eneded up with a faulty unit??