Expose REPS (under SIGNAL) in app GUI

Several problems with missed signals are immediately solved by increasing the signal value. Especially for smart shades using home assistant control. This useful setting needs to be in the APP’s advanced settings for each command.

Are you speaking of REPS for the signal?

Yes, sorry. REPS is the SIGNAL parameter I was actually referring to. Upping it has resolved most problems I’ve had with shades (Yoolax) and fans. I appreciated the API letting me change it via curl, but the parameter is too basic and useful to be buried behind a command line. It fixes common issues.

I can see the utility of that.

@endy - not sure if you can bring up to the Bond team to add this to a community-requested-features wish list?


Hey @residualimages !

Shared with the team, and we agree that it is a good request, mainly because it is allowed to be changed via the API. Will add it to the backlog.

Not sure when, but I hope to have the time to work on the “community-requested-features” soon…