Fireplace RFP8 patch SIGNAL command

I have a request from HomeSeer user to patch SIGNAL for TurnOn command to set ‘reps’ to 5 (following

Problem I’m facing - the SIGNAL command doesn’t seem to be available via API.
Any request like “
returns “signal”:{“_”:“00000000”}, and requests like “
returns empty string.


FYI, I don’t own the fireplace, I’m testing using my own Bridge with my devices.

I see the device you’re testing with looks like a Shade type device from.your screenshot.

I noticed someone else before not having a Signal endpoint on Shade devices, but the Bond staff explained that not all devices will have a meaningful Signal endpoint:

The first long form document screenshot you referenced does look accurate as to how the reps would be changed on a device that has a meaningful Signal endpoint (such as a Fireplace).