Amazon will not take BOND LOGIN [with discontinued old Bond Bridge skill]

Hi, my account no longer works with Amazon, or no longer allows bond to login with ALEXA. This hasn’t worked for months now. It happened when there was the transition from the “old” system to the new system. I believe I read something about my account needed to be transferred again? Please let me know what I am missing… this was a great product until it stopped working months ago. Yes, I can still use the bond app, but that isn’t the integration I want.

From a previous thread, the “old” Alexa skill was going ‘dark’ in March.

A Green, or WiFi, Reset (not a full wipe) on the Bond Bridge, then re-joining the Bridge to your WiFi via the new Bond Home app on your phone, and finally setting up the new Alexa skill should return functionality, from what I have heard.
See here.

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