Dummy devices w/ no remote

Is there an easy way to create dummy devices without having an actual remote to record? I would like to setup devices of various types so I can test my integration without having to purchase the real hardware in my home.

we just learn in random IR codes in the app for all the different device types

That’d work.

Here’s a way to get a full remote panel with a single request. (This is what our mobile apps use to build a full panel)

POST to devices the body {"template": <template_name>, "name": <whatever_you_want>, "properties": {"addr": "1111", "bps": 3000, "zero_gap": 30, "freq": 433400}}

This builds a device (and its commands) from a script on the Bond. Here is a spread of commonly-seen template names:

"A1": one light, 3 speeds, hold-to-dim, reverse
"A1a": two-lighted version of A1
"RCF118": adjustable brightness

I’m very close to being able to share some documentation on the scripts, to enable community-built scripts.


Just a thought, if you want to test out these dummy devices without transmitting actual signals:

PATCH to debug/rfman {"silence_tx": true}

This is a soon-to-be-documented endpoint. It simply stops the Bond from transmitting anything until the next reboot (or you PATCH it to false). The LEDs should flash as usual.

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