Flameless candles?

anyone know of any flameless candles that have an rf remote that could be controlled by my bond hub? Seems like they are all IR or occasionally bluetooth

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If you have the normal Bond Bridge hub (not the new Pro version), and if it is within sight lines of where you would want the candles, you could get the IR ones and raw record the IR signals (as the normal Bond Bridge has both IR and RF abilities).

oh I didnt even realize the bridge hub had IR. I just bought it for ceiling fans. the candles would be in another room or outside though.

I didn’t find anything with my searching either, as far as a retail flameless candle product that uses an RF remote.

I did start thinking about how you could use a plug-in version of flameless candle plugged into a “smart” / RF plug (though to be fair I haven’t looked for any such plugs to control with the Bond Bridge).

I’ve seen RF Christmas tree candles in Switzerland. Big safety upgrade over the real fire kind! — I bet they would work fine with Bond Bridge. (I didn’t try, and I don’t recall the model number :confused: )

Huh! That’s interesting.

Searching that direction comes up with products like this?

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That looks familiar! :christmas_tree: :candle: