Anyway for Bond to "listen" to physical rf remotes?

A Bond hub can detect and learn the commands for a given fan or other supported device. But is it possible for it to listen to the remotes to sense any changes in the device state?

Currently, if I set the fan light to turn on in the app and then turn off the light using the fan’s original remote, Bond does not know that it is already switched off. But if it can listen to the remote, it can set the state to off and maintain the states between the device and the hub.


That’s a cool idea! It is certainly conceivable, but not something currently supported, or likely to be officially supported in the near future.


Thanks for replying. It would be awesome to see this implemented if this isnt too much work since the capability is already present.

The same with RF would be really nice too, so if you use the original RF remote to turn off the light it should be able to sense that and store the state. That would be great for IFTTT’s discrete light off option so it only turns off rather than turning on a light that was already off.