Conflicting Up/Down Light Configs

I am seeing fans in my driver that show support for TurnUpLightOn and TurnDownLightOn even if you delete one of those buttons from the remote. This causes the driver to show those buttons even though they don’t work. Calling those commands on the API then fails, since they have been deleted. Why do these continue being returned by the API? How can I detect that these are not “fully” supported by this particular device so I can revert to the single light case.

Also, when calling TurnUpLightOff, do I also need to call TurnDownLightOn to ensure that one is always set, or is that handled internally to make sure they are never both 0?

I have a similar question for SetUpLightBrightness and SetDownLightBrightness. Can these be returned individually, or are they always paired as a feature?

I wanted the Bond team to confirm, but I believe the “delete a button in the Bond app” when referring to a templated device simply removes the button in the app - the underlying Action / Command and associated Properties on the Device are still present.

A button added to a raw recorded device, and later removed, does seem to clean up / remove the Actions and Commands associated with it.

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