Feature_* properties in API

In reference to the feature_light, feature_up_down_light, and feature_brightness properties in the new API, will the API continue to report the available actions and states for these features if disabled? E.g., if feature_light is False, will the API still return “TurnLightOn” as an available action and/or “light” as a state for the device?

Similarly, if feature_up_down_light is False, are “TurnUpLightOn” or “TurnDownLightOn” actions and “up_light” and “down_light” states returned for the device, or just “TurnLightOn” and “light”?

Same question for feature_brightness and:

Sorry for all the hypothetical API questions but unfortunately I don’t have the hardware to test these questions, nor can I find a way in the mobile app to enable or disable the light feature on the ceiling fan I do have.

Can anybody verify that “Feature” properties even work?

Has no one accessed these properties in the API before? No one at Bond knows how they work?

In all my integrations across a few different homes, I haven’t had the need to manipulate, or even deal with reading, Features.
Actions and Commands are where I do all my controls and integrations, as Properties and Features are mostly transparently handled by those - or at least it seems like it to me.

Also note the" toggle-ability" of Features is mentioned (in the last sentence of this section) as a Smart by Bond option only, not something exposed to Bridges - so if you’re trying to enable or disable the light feature of a regular ceiling fan controlled through a Bridge, it likely isn’t currently possible.
If instead you have a Smart by Bond ceiling fan, sorry for the uncertainty on my part.
“Feature toggles are only available for some features, and are currently only available for Smart by Bond devices.”

Not sure if there are times where an official ticket / email would get you different or more timely answers, @kingwr , but you might want to try, if you haven’t already, sending a message to Bond’s customerservice@olibra.io address.