SetBrightness isn’t working and TurnLightOn act as toggling

I developed a driver for Bond Bridge with your API. Few of our mutual consumer reported about how lighting control handled with your API and I’m trying to get this resolved.

First one is SetBrightness command doesn’t do anything. Our consumers told me their app has up, down and stop control that do work to adjust their light brightness. I’m not sure what command is needed to accomplish this. Why is SetBrightness command isn’t working? I dont see any response message nor error message. Power switch command do work but it act as toggling. See the SetBrightness command I used below. Is there a solution?

body: { “_token”: “**********”,“argument”: 78 }

Second is TurnLightOn command is acting as toggle light control. This was unexpected. How is that possible? See the TurnLightOn command I used below.

body: { “_token”: “**********”,“argument”: 1 }

  1. It will be helpful to know which firmware their Bond Bridge is on to understand if it is one of the known ones that had trouble with SetBrightness.

  2. Many ceiling fans / devices only have a “toggle power” command, especially with lights. Bond Bridges attempt to handle Actions of TurnOn and TurnOff by utilizing Trust Tracked State but cannot create a new discrete On or Off signal that the OEM remote /receiver did not have.
    In this case, does that customer have Trust Tracked State turned on, and are they only using Bond’s app, your driver, or voice assistant integrations (through your driver or Bond) to turn on / off the light? If they are sometimes using their original remote, Bond Bridge’s State will invariably end up out of sync.

I recently received firmware version from one of our mutual consumer. His firmware version is 2.14.3.

Hi Developer,

Re: SetBrightness: note that for most legacy r/c ceiling fans in the market, there’s a single “hold to dim” button. There’s just a “start/stop” dimming capability, not a “set brightness” capability at the level of the RF signals. This means that the Bridge has no idea what the true brightness level is. Consequently, we are able to emulate the hand-held remote experience within the Bond Home app, but we cannot export a SetBrightness action to integrations in any meaningful way. (Fanciful possibilities of dead reckoning aside).

Our consumers told me their app has up, down and stop control that do work to adjust their light brightness.

Not sure what stop means here (could be mixed up with Up/Down/Stop UI for Somfy shades?).

But there are a very small number of ceiling fan remotes with separate Up and Down dim buttons, which suffer from the same problem described above.

Note that there are some remote controls which support SetBrightness at the RF level (these are remotes with LCD screens typically). But then the physical remote control must not be used to avoid conflicts.

Re: TurnLightOn: what @residualimages said.

I’ll just add instruction and screenshot to see this option:

Bond Home app > Device > Settings > Trust Tracked State

Read the grey text for another explanation:

If you want to use TurnLightOn/Off in the integration, user will want to enable that Trust Tracked State switch in the app, and then discontinue using the factory remote.

If you instead opt to put just a ToggleLight control in the integration, user can leave this option disabled and continue to the use the factory remote.

This option can also be PATCHed via the API.

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