Deletion of a particular light dimmer option in bond and not reflecting in Google Home

Hi, I tried setting-up Up light and Down light option with Fan light remote thinking it is meant for Dimmer Up and Dimmer Down option. On checking, it did not work for me in both Hall and Parents Room on My devices. So, i deleted both these light options by clicking on x mark above the option. It got deleted in Bond app and reflected correctly. Other options worked perfectly in Bond app.

However, after syncing Google Home app with Bond app, this deletion is not getting updated in Google home app. Due to this it shows as Hall Up light and Hall Down light, Parents room Up light and Parents Room Down light in both rooms. As there is already Hall light & Parent light available, now it shows as 2 lights in each room. Hence, when i give google assistant command, it does not work and is asking me to check the settings.

I tried various options like a) De-linking Bond device from Google home and then additing it as a new device b) Deleting google home app and then reinstalling the same app.

Can you please check in my account, if Hall Up light and Hall Down light, Parents room Up light and Parents Room Down light needs to be deleted at your backend to get it updated in Google home.

Looking forward for your Priority action and reply.


Have you tried asking Google to " Sync Devices"? Doing should remove those entries.

Yes, i have asked google assistant to sync all devices. It happenned. I could see all changes updated in google home except these 02 lights not getting removed from Google home. It is not existing in Bond bridge app.

Did you get a chance to check my account and remove those two lights from the backend. The problem still exist.

Hey @call2ganesh78

Will check into the Google Home integration and see how we can improve your experience in the next week.
Should get back to you next Friday (Feb 3rd).


Hey @call2ganesh78

Checked on our systems and it looks like you currently have 5 fans, one called Parent Fan. Can’t see the Hall Fan.

Also, checked with the integration engineer over here. Google Home does not remove your devices. I tried removing an offline device from my Google Home, but I couldn’t. The way I achieve it was to unlink and link my Bond account.

Can you try this and let me know the results?