Can I control individual Somfy RTS shades with HA scenes?

I’m brand new to all of this, new to motorized shades, new to HA and just learned about Bond Bridge an hour ago.

I’m in the US and we have Somfy Sonese RTS (DC and AC) motorized shades. Our shades were installed by a local dealer that also supplied the TaHoma Beecon. I made this large investment because I thought I would be able to create scenes and activate those scenes from HA to control our blinds to different positions throughout the day.
WRONG! - Man, the TaHoma Beecon is pretty bad and the Somfy iOS app is one of the worst apps I’ve used in many years. I’m very dissapointed with the entire system.

But then I came across Bond Bridge (and Bond Bridge Pro - I LOVE POE) and everything seems possible again. Before I purchase and get too excited, I wanted to describe what I’d like to do and hopefully someone here can confirm if it’s possible (and reliable) or not. OK, here we go:

  1. I would like to connect my 8 shades to the Bond Bridge
  2. I would then like to create automations in HA for different scenarios (e.g., Sunny early afternoon, Summer Dinner Time, etc.) so I can select a single automation and all my shades will move to specific % of open/closed. For example we might have 4 shades I want to close to 60% and the other 4 to 45%
  3. Eventually I would like to use one of the advanced HA integrations that automatically adjusts shades throughout the day to track with the sun. This would require HA to increment the shades open and closed by small amounts over time.

As I understand it, HA somehow integrates/communicates with the Bond Bridge and sends it commands via a local API. Bond Bridge then broadcasts the RTS RF frequency to the shades which hopefully receive and obey the commands.

Hopefully I’ve described this clearly enough that someone is able to help with confirming or denying what I want to do is possible. If not, please let me know how I can improve my post.


Howdy and welcome to the forums!
Did you see this thread about Home Assistant and setting percentages for Somfy RTS motors?
Somfy Shade Slider

Howdy, and thank you! :slight_smile:

I actually did read that post, in fact a google search to that post is what brought me to the Bond Bridge world. I think I search for “HA somfy percentage control” or something similar.
Even though that post is pretty clear, I’ve been stung on this shade project where things that appear or are claimed to be one way, actually are another so I just wanted to confirm-confirm.

For example, this Somfy webpage: Somfy TaHoma® switch - Smart Home Hub for Motorized Shading & Your Entire Smart Home

Shows the iOS with a slider for partial shade control:

I realize that’s the switch, but I assumed that the iOS app was the same for all of them. My iOS app for my TaHoma does NOT support slider control like this.

The Zigbee motors support a native slider. The RTS motors have a slider only with Bond Bridge Pro and it’s deadreckoned.

I believe you can do everything you wish. The Bond integration in HA presents the blinds as a slider. You go through a process of teaching the Bond Bridge how long it takes to go from opened to closed, and it keeps track of the percentages etc, as long as you don’t use something else to control the blinds, like the Somfy app or the physical remote, in the meantime - the blinds don’t have two way communication. The Bond stuff is very high quality - I love everything about it.

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