Automate Blinds and Pulse 2 Controller

Has anybody successfully integrated a Bond Pro into Automate Shades to replace the Automate Pulse 2 Controllers? Its looks like a RF system so hopefully somebody has done this already.

I’d guess these are just branded Rollease motors based on some of their integration documents (this is from the Homeseer one):

The Automate v2 plug-in allows you to control Rollease Acmeda shades connected to a v2 hub (IP).

I think you are correct. If you start from the RolleaseACMeda site, when you pick the “Motorized Roller Shade” section, you are directed to

@ConnectedHomeTech I may be able to answer your question in a few months, if you haven’t already figured it out. I’m currently looking at both Automate and Leviosa, but I have less confidence about the Leviosa compatibility with Bond since I can’t find an official statement one way or another, and I can get the Automate shades for +/- ~5% of the Leviosas, but they include with “professional” installation.

I’m assuming that with Bond I do not need the proprietary hubs from either Automate of Leviosa.

Hi @merck i tried using the Bond hub to control my Rollease Acmeda curtains and it worked great. One piece of feedback, in Home Assistant the Automate Pulse Hub v2 integration greys out one of the direction buttons when it’s not required (see screenshot). The Bond integration does not and keeps both buttons active. Is this something that can be changed in future?

I’m a bit out over the tips of my skiis here, but if I understand correctly, you are saying:

  • the Pulse HK integration greys out the “Open” button when the shade is in the open state
  • same for Close
  • the Bond Bridge Pro’s built-in HK integration does not grey out the buttons

I make some assumptions:

If that’s all correct, I would think that actually we are doing “the right thing”, because unlike Pulse which is supposed to have 2-way communication with the shade motors, Bond Bridge Pro (at time of writing) has only 1-way communication. So, if the shade does not receive a signal or if the factory remote is used, users still need a way to command the shade into the Open or Closed state.

Thanks @merck for the detailed explanation. My answers are yes to all of your questions, the exception being I don’t have the Pro hub.

Is there scope for the communication to be 2 way in the future? I find the Bond to be a lot more reliable than the Pulse2 hubs. I do like the 2 way communication though it makes the buttons more instinctive.

The two integrations I’m using in HA are as follows.

Maybe. But there are also some technical downsides.

Suffice it to say that these protocols are not standardized in the way of Zigbee or WiFi. Every motor has it’s own way of communicating. We manage the one-way by basically replicating the signals that the remote controls send. Sometimes this means understanding rolling code and checksum schemes, or there may even be some scrambling. More and more we get support from manufacturers in implementing this. But at the end of the day, we just need to learn to generate a small universe of control signals for that technology. Two-way is far more complicated to implement well, though we hear you loud and clear that 2-way is important.

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Thanks @merck, as always you’re extremely helpful.