Cannot pair SelectBlinds 16C-Combo Remote V3 (AMP TDBU)

As I see others have the same issue. I got the bond bridge up and working with no issues but am unable to pair my selectblinds emote to the bridge. Tried every way possible, using QR code, the up and down buttons until the light goes green nothing works.

Thanks for the report, Ken. – That certainly looks like a remote control that we support, but we may need to get that exact model in our lab. Checking on it.

In the meantime, did you try “AMP Motorization” option during setup?

@Molina67 Actually, can you send the SelectBlinds Product # (or SelectBlinds PO# via DM) that you purchased from SelectBlinds? That we can figure out which product it is. We are working very closely with the awesome team at SelectBlinds and we should be able to get this sorted out as soon as we get this specific product in-hand.


I just tried it but no luck

Good morning, was this ever corrected?

Just tried pairing the blinds again still no luck.

Hey Kenny, sadly we were unable to get this one added to the Bridge. I did get a sample… have it in front of me, but it is just not supported on our platform.