Bond Bridge + Homekit integration (via Homebridge)

Hi, I have just picked up a Bond Bridge from a Broadlink.

Somfy RTS blinds work well - no halfway positions etc but simple open/close controls seamless from homekit and/or Siri.

I have added a fireplace that has multiple controls eg:

*fan on/off, speed
*ambience burner on/off
*Flame height 1,2,3,4,5

  • aux light on/off
  • backlight 1,2,3,4,5

In homekit I am not able to see any control other than a simple light bulb, ‘on/off’ switch. when i operate the light switch it appears as a dimmer slider however what does that control?

Is there a way to at least add fan and/or flame height to the mix? almost presenting as fan speed similar to how ceiling fans work with bond bridge & homekit?

Its sort of useless sitting in Homekit as on/off.


Are you using aaron22’s HomeBridge plugin or the built-in HomeKit integration in the bridge (which is restricted to shades AFAIK).

Sorry should have mentioned, aarons22’s plugin.

Ceiling Fan works well with Homekit, basic but can control speeds + on/off. no timer buttons which are configured in bond.

I just have a light switch with dimmer slider which I am guessing controls flame height as the Fan does not seem to change with it.


Ok. I think the way forward would be for a developer to implement the support in his plugin and open a PR on that repository.

Or, if you just want Siri, you can use Siri Shortcuts in the Bond Home app.

Thank you, yes I can try a shortcut…

Would BB Pro work differently with such fireplace due to native Homekit?


We have released HomeKit support on all Bridges now, but only for Shades.