Bridge Beta Release v3.3.20

This is a very minor beta release on top of the v3.3.19 we released earlier today.

What’s Changed since v3.3.19

  • add support for a new ceiling fan, available at Lowes, with FCC IDs A25-FA0138 or 2AQZU-18018. (We call it RMS263 internally.) Thanks @guyzaltus !

Another minor beta release: v3.3.21-beta

What’s Changed since v3.3.20.1

I’m excited about native HomeKit support and wanted to see if I could test, but api/bhk is 404 for me under le in

(I tried switching to the stable channel since api/bhk is mentioned in the stable 3.3.19 thread but the Bond app isn’t offering me the option to downgrade.)

We will have something out to test on HomeKit very soon…

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I’ll be patient then. :innocent: