V3.2.0-beta Nice Motor Support (Bond Bridge Pro)

This release adds support for Nice shade motors.

  • RMS92: Nice “Green” – for Nice motors with Green LEDs on their remotes – internally called “F-Code”.
  • RMS90: Nice “Red” – for Nice motors with Red LEDs on their remotes – internally called “O-Code”.

Similar to the Rollease change introduced in v3.1.0, Nice Green motors created in the same location will move synchronously when operated as part of a Group.


  1. Neither Nice technology can currently be unpaired! We will add in a future release. For now, note that you can easily saturate your motors’ memory and need to factory reset. – This is still beta :grin:

  2. Nice Red motors will currently not move synchronously, even if controlled as part of a Group. We are still evaluating whether it is possible to get synchronicity with Nice Red.

  3. We’ve noticed some performance problems when using Groups with many devices. We’re working on a fix.

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Updated to v3.2.2-beta, which fixes two issues:

  • fix in-app control of Nice Green
  • mysterious _shared device showing up after creating Nice shades in app

Hello, my Nice shade motors are usually controlled by the WM006G remote which has a red LED. If I buy a Bond Bridge Pro will I be able to control them with Alexa out of the box? Or will I need to do something else to activate/install this beta release?

Nice Red is now supported. Should work fine.

on pro only? or will it work on the cheaper bond bridge? also my remote has rolling codes, that shouldn’t be problem right?

Both colors of Nice are supported on both Bridge models. However, to take advantage of the forthcoming Nice Green Slider feature, or to have Nice motors move synchronously when part of a group, you’d need the Pro.

Hi I bought the Bond Bridge and when I try to add the Nice Red as a remote control it says press and hold the programming button but my remote WM006G doesn’t have a programming button? How can I add it??

Interesting. Checking the user manual I see it does not give any programming (memorization) instructions, but does say to check the manual of the radio receiver / motor.

Can you share the model of Nice receiver or motor that you’re trying to control? We need somehow to convince the motor to get into programming mode. Speculating, maybe it has a button on it. The motor manual is key though.