V3.8.1-beta for Bridges

Applies to Bridges with serial numbers starting Z.

What’s Changed since v3.3.19

This is a beta release candidate for our first stable release of Bridge firmware since August. Estimated release date to stable October 31st. Beta available now.


  • performance improvements for large systems
  • Sidekick Scene Keypad support
  • Gaposa and PowerShade technologies
  • support several new ceiling fans as sold at Lowes



  • Add support for PowerShade RF technology
  • Improved support for Dendo/BTX (RMS115)
  • PowerShades, Turnils AMP, and other Dooya FSK technologies now move synchronously when controlled in a Bond Group
  • Nice Green now supports slider (SetPositionMode action for automatically configure motor for slider)
  • Gaposa motors in a group now move synchronously on Bond Bridge Pro
  • Send signals in alphabetical order by device name. This results in more of a stair-effect than a popcorn-effect when operating shade groups that don’t support aggregation, or using third-party grouping such as via Alexa or Google Home.

Ceiling Fans

  • Add support for a new Lowes’ ceiling fan (RMS263) with FCC IDs A25-FA0138 or 2AQZU-18018.
  • Support new Lowes’ Henderson fan FCCID 2ABUP-FT0317A (RCF265).
  • Add speed control to one ceiling fan (RCF119).

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Fix issue where firmware upgrade may get stuck at 89%.
  • Bridge now executes actions faster (via pre-compilation of lua bytecode)
  • Hack to only enable BondSync when a Sidekick is added (:warning: known issue with Sidekick and large groups)
  • Fix BHK breaking on non-semantic FW versions.
  • Fix issue where Bond may hang after factory reset, requiring a manual power cycle.
  • suppress devices_x_state up messages during Group action
    :warning: WARNING: Known issue: This means that Alexa and Google Home do not get device PSUs when Bond Groups are operated. :warning:
  • Fixing problem where large systems on recent firmware could have some devices not move when operating a group.
  • AWS keep alive interval to 90 sec, fixing issue where Bridge would reboot when operating large group


  • Add sidekicks/ API for Scene Keypad. Currently does not reflect Sidekicks linked to shade devices.
  • Add support for GFSK and FSK scans.
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