Bond will not turn fan off

All other commands work but will not turn fan on and off

If you look in the Bond app, under the fan device → settings → expand the advanced options - do you see a “Template” listed?

Ifyou see a Template: while troubleshooting, it would be easier to add a new ceiling fan device, and either choose Fan Power Toggle as the first command you have the Bond Bridge “listen” for, or just “raw record” each button.
How to “raw record”?
When adding a new device, hit Advanced Settings and turn off the toggle for Search Remote Database.
See if you can get your new “raw recorded” device to recognize and successfully repeat the Fan Power Toggle.

If either your current device is “raw recorded” already (does NOT have a Template) or the new “raw recorded” troubleshooting device doesn’t work, then it may be one the Bond staff would like to know about.

What FCC ID do you see on your original remote (might be inside a battery door)? If you can’t find that, what is the make and model of the fan itself?

I do not see template listed as an option.

The fan is a Minka and the FCC ID number is Y7ZDL810T

So if you don’t see a Template, can you go into the fan within the Bond app and hit Edit Commands, and try recording the Fan Power Toggle again?
(If you hit Edit Commands and it has “Reload Defaults” at the bottom, it is probably a Template one and won’t let you re-record.)

If you are able to re-record, does the Bond Bridge flash green when it is “listening” for the RF signal during the recording?