BOND BETA Firmware v1.113 (in iOS App v1.114 and Android v1.113.1)

New BETA juast posted to TestFlight.

That’s right, new firmware in BETA for the BOND.

We want to squash a few WiFi bugs that are effecting some users. While in most WiFi networks, the BOND stays connected indefinitely, on certain networks there are issues where the BOND drops off WiFi after some period of time. Usually the ring goes Orange (IP address lost) when this happens, but in a few instances we’ve seen it remain Blue (still has IP address).

The firmware v1.113 in iOS App v1.114 and Android v1.113.1 includes much more detailed logging that can allow our Engineering team to get to the bottom of issues occurring outside our lab.

If you do experience the issue where BOND becomes unresponsive or turns Orange, here’s how to send a firmware log:

  1. Wait for the BOND to become unresponsive or goes Orange.
  2. Do not disconnect the BOND from power.
  3. Perform a “Green” reset so the BOND start blinking Green and returns to WiFi setup mode.
  4. Reconnect the BOND to WiFi using the App. Your devices will not be lost.
  5. In the App, open the BOND’s pencil menu.
  6. Tap on the Firmware Version 7 times.
  7. A new button called “Send Firmware Logs” should appear. Tap it.
  8. Let us know so we can take a look at your log along with others to help with a resolution.