Bond Wifi transmitting unsecured

Any body esle’s Bond transmitting the unsecured setup Wifi SSID? I was setting up a new WiFi device this weekend and noticed the Bond WiFi was available but shouldn’t have been as my bond was working fine although still on the 2.6.10 firmware.

Hey Terk, the intended behavior is that the SSID re-enables after initial setup only if the Bond has no internet connection. The intention here is that if, say, an incorrect password is provided, the Bond can be set up again without a reset. The token lockout should prevent use of the API to unauthorized users.

However, if your Bond is functioning correctly, you definitely shouldn’t see that SSID. A couple questions to help debug: does your Bond’s serial number start with A, B, or Z? Is the Bond connected to the internet or are you just controlling it locally?

The serial number starts with A, it is connected to the internet and I could control it remotely. Just before you replied I rolled the app and firmware back to production levels to see if it would make a difference, however I’m not at home at the moment to know if it stopped broadcasting its network. When I get home I’ll verify and probably put the Beta app and firmware back on to see if it starts broadcasting again. Thanks.

Okay, definitely sounds like a bug! Thanks for the report, if you learn anything more about the behavior, let me know. I assume that for some reason the Bond is unable to detect that it’s connected to the internet.

Updating to the most recent beta firmware (v2.6.21) may change the behavior, as the logic was changed (though not with this specific situation in mind…). Downgrading to the production firmware (well, any v1 firmware) should also prevent this from occurring, as the V1 firmware would never re-expose the config AP.

FYI: for me, neither of my Bridges (BD & ZZ) nor my Smart by Bond (KMBL) is broadcasting the config SSID.

Mine still shows “Bond Config Aserial#.” as an available WiFi network, but it is still at firmware 2.6.10-beta as it failed to load the old firmware. It also won’t update to the new firmware due to the same aww snap error 0x18100, only it fails much quicker when trying to go to the newest beta.