Bond not working after AT&T upgrade

I have the original Bond Bridge and all was well for years. AT&T forced us to upgrade to their “fiber” product (that’s what they call it) seven months ago. We got a new dual band router. The Bond bridge and associated lights and fans quit working. My other 2.4ghz devices still connect and work okay it’s only the Bond Bridge that no longer works. If I set up a guest network and try to connect the bridge to it, what settings should I be using?

I have been investigating, and I am finding that the fans and lights turn on with the Bond app, but not when I ask Alexa. Alexa says that the fans and lights are not responding. The Alexa app says the Bond server is not responding.

Sounds like the Bridge is connected to your WiFi but not to the Internet.

I’d recommend reaching out to our customer service team who deal with these things much more frequently than I.

Hmm. Are you by any chance on an old unit (serial number starting with A or B?). They had a WiFi driver that had various issues.

The newer units (sold for last 6 yrs) have a more modern WiFi setup and just memorized SSID and password, so if those are the same it should work fine.