Alexa reports "Server is unresponsive"

Bond stopped working with Alexa since the last update. I started over and everything acts like it is going to work. It found the devices, but when I try to launch them using the Alexa app I get a “server is unresponsive” error.

Bump. Still looking for an answer from the Bond team on this topic. Having similar issues and now every discoverable light says -DELETE ME- with nothing to replace it with. Any suggestions here?

Using Chat in the app or emailing will get you a quicker resolution.
This community forum is not monitored by Bond staff as closely as the official support methods.

(And I myself don’t use Alexa so I’m of little use on this topic)

Thanks for this, I emailed them using the address you provided.

UPDATE: I heard back from support and helped me figure out the problem. I had both “Bond Home” and “Bond Bridge” skill enabled in the Alexa App. Bond Bridge is like the phone app, it’s dated and is not recommended to use. To fix my issue, I disabled both skills in the Alexa App, re-enabled the Bond Home skill, signed in and BOOM! Took me to the “Discover Device” screen and found my fans/lights again. It’s okay to delete the “DELETE ME” lights/fans. Here’s a link support provided for a similar solution to OP’s problem. Hope this helps!

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