BOND Local API Beta Public Link

This link is out of date, see the links for the V2 apps here: Bond Local API Public Beta Link

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I’m working with the local API and had a quick question on the BOND token. Once I have that, will it ever expire or rotate such that I need to request a new one? Or, once I have the token am I good to use that going forward? It seems to persist during a reboot.

The token persists until a factory reset.

I’m trying to access the forum post with the supplemental info about the local api, but I do not have access, is there anyway I can get access? Thank you!

@Solowtc - are you referring to just the Local API guide at , or the BETA section of the forums with posts discussing the beta firmware?

The beta section of the forum

Just downloaded the testflight app and getting the following error code when trying to upgrade 0x18100.

Is there a newer version of the testflight app you can send me to do some development on?

We are getting enquiries to integrate Bond into various home automation systems like Control4, Crestron, ELAN, RTI and URC and want to add this to our portfolio.

Replying by DM but I’ll also reply publicly in case more people are having the same problem:

Yes, unfortunately, the iOS app seems to fail on upgrade nearly every time…

We’ll be making a release of a V2 app that’ll be able to deliver this firmware in the near future (1-2 weeks). This should prove to be a much more stable method of firmware delivery!

Also just tried the Android app. Getting a different error message (0x180011) but again the problem is with downloading the firmware.

Hello, the link to TestFlight does not work. Appreciate an updated link