Hi All,

This has been a long time in the coming!

Local API will be launching very soon as part of a Firmware upgrade to version V2.

We are first conducting a closed BETA to get feedback on the API.

[EDIT] We are now in open BETA!

You can check out the latest API documentation here:



Yes! This is amazing news.

Thank you so much. Shout out to Felipe Ruhland for linking me here (on Twitter).

I would love to try the Beta to incorporate into HomeSeer. I’ve been waiting for Local control, what guarantee will I have if I buy a Bond and have it here Thursday that I can get into the Beta?

We will take anyone who is interested and willing in the BETA (that is, if they don’t mind the risks associated with BETA software!), so you don’t need to rush. It may take a few days to roll out the firmware updates to everyone who signs up anyways.

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Just so you know, Frank - I don’t mind posting here (and in Universal-Devices forums) about my experience integrating my current Bond with ISY994i.

Hey Merck, thanks for the update on the roll out, and the link to the documentation.
Do you mind letting us know when the rollouts do start? I am super eager for this to begin! :smile:

We are vigorously testing the V2 upgrade now… best case we can ship some firmware tomorrow, but likely to be Monday.

Sounds good. Will it be automatically pushed to registered serial numbers, or will we have to trigger the update from within the mobile app?

Thank you so much!

We will push the first batch over-the-air. Later we will have it available through the beta apps, but we are trying to move fast.

Is there an update to this? I signed up over the weekend and am eager to test this out.

Just got an automated email reminding me via a (closed) support ticket that I had expressed interest in the local API, which then directed me to this page.

I am hoping things are moving and shaking behind the scenes and we beta candidates are updated soon. :slight_smile:

We are having some trouble with the new firmware that prevents it from being production ready. Specifically, it may not communicate with the apps and integrations. However, the Local API is basically functional. Until we work that out, the firmware is of limited use.

@residualimages (and any other brave souls): If you still want to try the firmware, for the purpose of starting to do some coding against the API, we can push it, but keep in mind the app and integrations may not work until we sort that out, and you will probably have to do a rescue reset and lose your devices…

Meanwhile, we need a few days to get things more stable on this end. Bare with us!

Why not live on the edge? :laughing:
I’m still fine with pushing the firmware now just to begin integration testing. Of course I might come running back and want to reset to official firmware depending on what progress I am able (or not able) to make.

All 3 configured devices on official firmware survived alpha / beta firmware upgrade with no discernible differences (other than buggy Android BOND app control now, haha - though iOS seems mostly bug free?).

I can report success accessing token (in first 10 minutes post-boot up), device IDs, commands, and via local API - command line control of configured ceiling fan!


I’d love to get involved with the BETA. @residualimages turned me onto this over on the Universal Devices forum. I’m ultimately looking to control mini split A/Cs and blinds. I’m a current Sensibo user for my A/Cs, but a local API is certainly an attractive alternative. I’m also using Global Caches to try and control my blinds with very limited success. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @merck - Adam is a good candidate for alpha firmware access - though his A/C he wanted to add doesn’t show as an available device type under iOS (while it does for me in Android, both pre-alpha and post-alpha update).

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I updated to the new app and it started installing the firmware. I don’t think it completed on either BOND and when I clicked to check firmware version gave error. Also, auto reboot doesn’t work when saved the switch goes off. And the BOND LED light control for the LEDs on the BOND doesn’t work either. Also, no fans work at all now. BOND AJ14749 is one of the BONDs

Is it connected to wifi? I had to do a “Green reset” my pushing the reset button for 5 seconds until the circle turned green then reconfigured the wifi. Check here for directions.

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Ditto here.
Was able to use the BOND app to reconnect to home WiFi after doing a ‘green reset’, and putting Android device in airplane mode + manually connecting to BOND setup WiFi.

The first time, the BOND lost connection with the app while I was typing in the SSID password.
BOND device rebooted itself. Force closed the Android app, then opened it again and hit the + sign once more.
This time, it took the WiFi credentials without issue.

Mine is flashing green, but it won’t come up with the setup screen.