Bond integrations suddenly broke and won't reset

I have a Bond fan/light controller that is integrated to both Alex and Google Home, working for over a year. On July 26 2022, both Alexa and Google Home stopped working with Bond. I have disconnected and reconnected my accounts, but when I try to use Alexa or Google Home to turn on/off the light/fan, they show as offline.

Since it happened simultaneously for both Alexa and Google Home, I am 100% confident that it is not an issue with either of those, but that Bond changed something that broke the connections.

How can I get them reconnected to Alexa & Google Home and working properly again?

This is something best for our customer support team to handle. Fastest way to get support is the Chat bubble on the Support page:

@lxshanexl The support team is for sure the best way to handle it, but you can check your Integrations status on the Manage Integrations screen.

To get in this screen, do the following:
1 - Open the Bond App (default screen is the My Devices)
2 - Go to the Settings tab
3 - Tap on Manage Integrations
4 - Check if they show as Enabled/Disabled or as Expired or Expires in x days

In case of expiring/expired, there will be a How to Fix just below it that will take you to an article with instructions.

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@endy thanks. I had checked that, and they were both still showing as Enabled.

I did end up fixing it though. The steps were:

  1. Turn off circuit breaker to device for 2 minutes (this was supposedly to reset the device into setup mode, but it didn’t go into setup mode)
  2. Check if Bond app still controls device (yes, it does!)
  3. Disconnect Google/Alexa integrations (from respective apps)
  4. Reconnect integrations

Wa-la, done!

The secret was that when the integrations weren’t working, the device was in “setup” mode. No idea how that happened, but doing the circuit breaker reset (which was told to me as how to get it into setup mode) seemed to reset back into usable mode.


Can you clarify what you mean by “the device” here? Are you referring to the Bond Bridge? Or to the device controlled by the Bond Bridge?

FWIW, there’s no mechanism in the Bond Bridge for returning to (or exiting) from any mode when power cycling, and the length of power cycle doesn’t matter. However, as is well-known in IT, power cycling a misbehaving device often recovers it.

I wonder, during the problematic period of time when Alexa & Google Home integration with Bond were broken, did you try using the Bond Home app? Did that work, or was the Bond app also broken?


The device is a fan/light controller, model MR196W, that works directly with the Bond app. I do not have a Bond Bridge.I wish I had know about that option before going with the MR196W, there would have been some advantages to that.

The device continued to work using the Bond Android app. Bond Support said that it would still work locally (while on the same WiFi) even if disconnected from the server. They were correct.

Ok, the MR196W is an after-market ceiling fan receiver with Smart by Bond technology built-in.

I’m not sure what happened with your receiver. There is watchdog logic built into the firmware which will reboot after ~10 minutes of no cloud connection, which is supposed to help recover from some kind of bug where the cloud (server) cannot be reached. But, perhaps there is some kind of problem with that logic at least in a corner case.

Anyways glad it started working for you again after the power cycle.