Bond suddenly won't work with Google Home

My Bond devices (two ceiling fans) work fine with the Bond App. For a few years now they’ve also been working fine with Google Home. Suddenly they have stopped working. The devices appear in the correct rooms in my Google Home app. But when I go to the devices (light or fan) it says that the devices are offline. When I try asking my Google Home to “turn on the light” I can see the commands for the light appear very briefly on the Home screen, before being covered up with the message that the light is not available, and that I might want to try setting it up again.

  • I have upgraded Bond to the 2.15 firmware
  • I have unlinked and relinked the Bond account in Google Home three times
  • I have manually removed the devices from Bond and re-added them
  • The devices work fine in the Bond app
  • The same thing is true for both devices
  • This only started happening yesterday

Any ideas as to what I should do? Thank you!

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Came here for exactly the same reason, at least a year with no problems, tried everything mentioned above too, and google still shows my fans and fan lights as offline

I can’t speak to the original cause, but if I assume your fix attempts are listed in chronological order, oldest to newest… You might want to try telling Google to “sync devices”

A long shot maybe but is something you don’t seem to have tried. I’m basically wondering if the names/ IDs between Bond and GH are no longer aligned after you removed the devices from Bond then re-added, but didn’t force a refresh on the Google side

I have asked Google to sync devices a number of times, nothing has changed. I did it again just to be sure, no dice. Thanks for the idea though, I appreciate the response.

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I have tried too, no change

I’m having the same issue.

Given the other replies, I guess this is a systemic issue. Does the support team monitor these forums? Or should I be opening a trouble ticket with them?

Forum is helpful, but not able to be timely.
I’d agree with the suggestion to use official support channels (from what I saw on the website, support staff will be back in the office after yesterday’s holiday).