Bond Bridge requires reboot to re-enable Google Home commands

I’ve setup multiple Select Blind shades which can all be controlled without issue through the Bond app. I enabled the integration with Google Home and can see all of my blinds in the Google Home app. The current open/close status of the blinds appears to always work. Shortly after closing the blinds via the Bond app, the Google Home app shows the updated status.

What periodically breaks is the Google Home app’s ability to send the open/close command. Tapping open or close will just result in a toast saying something went wrong.

The integration remains in this state across relinking of the Bond integration, refreshing the list of devices, using another phone with the Google Home app, etc.

The only fix appears to be to reboot the Bond Bridge device by unplugging it for a minute.

I don’t know what causes this, but it appears to be in the Google → Bond direction but not the Bond → Google direction. And again, the Bond app → Bridge commands work fine.

All I can think of here is that, for some reason your Bridge may be losing its internet connection. Our Google Home integration works like this:

GH Cloud ----HTTPS----> Bond Cloud ----MQTT/TLS---> Bond Bridge

But the app works both like this:

Bond App ----MQTT/TLS----> Bond Cloud ----MQTT/TLS---> Bond Bridge

and like this at the same time:

Bond App ----HTTP---> Bond Bridge

So my hypothesis is that your unit is losing the MQTT connection, but it is still on the local network so it still responds to the app when your phone is on the local network.

You can test this hypothesis by turning off Wifi from your phone to force the communication via MQTT over the cellular data network. See if the Bond Home app can still operate the Bridge during the GH outage.

The problem reoccurred in the Google Home app and the behavior is exactly as you described. The Bond app also failed to control the shades when I was disconnected from WiFi*.

The other thing I noticed was my scheduled close didn’t occur on time, but instead instantly triggered when I came home afterwards and my phone connected to WiFi. Just wondering, but what if I were gone for a week while in this state? Would the app be smart enough to collapse 14 open/close pairs to just the latest state? Or would it play all scheduled events in quick succession since other devices are more complicated than open/closed?

My current network is a Starlink dish with their modem acting as an AP. I’m about to replace that with Ubiquiti gear; we’ll see if it reoccurs with that setup.

*When this happened, the Android app displayed a long toast that was truncated about ensuring the Bond Bridge was connected to WiFi. I have my font and size settings set to defaults.

OK, great. So we know it’s at least problem with the Bridge staying connected to MQTT.

The Bond Bridge has a real time clock, but no backup battery. So if disconnected from the Internet, after the next reboot (which occurs every 10 minutes if the cloud connection drops), then it will be unable to run schedules because it cannot reach the ntp pool to get the current time.

During this outage, what’s going on with the Bond Bridge’s light ring? Is it spinning blue (IP, no MQTT connection) or solid orange (failed to get or lost IP).