Bond Integrations Broken

Not sure if Bond reps here are the same or talk to the “support reps” but the Bond integration for Smartthings and Alexa (the only ones I use) is not working. Fans and shades are okay, but when adding a device and selecting “Device” as opposed to “Light” or “Fan” makes the device integration not work. I have RF outlets that used to work fine, but after having issues with them offline intermittently in ST, I removed them from Smartthings and tried to re-add them. They do not appear in ST or the Alexa app now. Seems like others have had the same issue going back to November at least. Any update Bond?

Hi Robert – best way to get support on Alexa is to contact our Customer Service team via Chat in the app or on the website.

That said, there are some known issues with ST integration right now (other threads cover it), but the Alexa integration should be fine.

Also, we’ve got now several different products, so it’s helpful if you post the model number and first few digits of serial number that you’re looking at.