Bond disconnecting from Wi-Fi

My Bondbridge (stable firmware version 2.28.0) randomly keeps disconnecting from my Wi-Fi. The signal is excellent and there is no Wi-Fi interference. I use multiple Ruckus R310 AP’s (802.11ac) and have no issues with any other device on my Wi-Fi network.

The blue circle keeps “turning” when the Bondbridge goes into this state. If I unplug the power to the device to reboot it immediately connects without any issues.

That means that the Bond Bridge is associated to the Wi-Fi network and has an IP address, but the connection to the Bond Cloud (MQTT/TLS) is not completed. Sometimes a configuration on the router can help. Our support team deals with this frequently, may help to reach out to them .

Actually, @nicopret, I think you might be able to fix this by upgrading to the “beta” firmware on your Bridge. Checking the changelog, I think some fixes we’ve made in the beta will get this resolved…

Thank you for your reply. The bond bridge is no longer associated to my Wi-Fi network since it advertises it’s own SSID if it goes into this state. A Ping of the IP address of the Bondbridge also fails until I reboot.

In the meantime I will try the Beta firmware as suggested. The problem is definitely related to Wi-Fi association changes. If I setup a dedicated SSID on only one AP the problem does not occur. It therefore seems there is a problem with the Bondbridge Wi-Fi client association changes when there are multiple Wi-Fi AP’s.