Google Home says it opening my shades but it's not

After a period of time, maybe a few days, of successfully asking my Google home to open my shades, eventually the assistant says that it is opening my shades but nothing happens.

I can successfully open them with my phone using the Bond app. I have tried rebooting my GH mini speakers with no change. I have also tried resyncing devices in GH and that did not help. The only thing that has worked is restarting the bond bridge, i.e. unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Is there anything else I can do to keep this working consistently?

Also, related question… Is there a recommended way to restart the bridge apart from cutting the power?


I feel sure I’ve had the same issue in the past but I’ve looked through my posts and can’t find anything… Worth double checking that you have the latest firmware. Fairly certain that most of my shade-related issues (of which I’ve had a fair few, but none for some time now) were resolved through a firmware upgrade (or using a different variation of the GH command).

Would be interested to hear the root cause and resolution, if you’re able to figure this out

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I haven’t followed through on this theory, but suspect it is either when I restart my modem or router (separate devices). I did update the firmware in the last week I think it was, again haven’t tested the behaviour since. Will report back when I figure anything out.

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I did some more testing this morning and from what I can tell it is when I lose my internet connection that the problem occurs, i.e. when I restart my modem. If I simply restart my router, so essentially resetting my wifi setup and connected devices, this does not produce the same issue.

Each time I restarted my modem and the problem presented, restarting the Bond Bridge resolved it. I can only think there is some kind of hand-shaking that occurs when the bridge starts up, but does not occur on resumption of an Internet connection.

In terms of a resolution I haven’t come up with one yet. I hook my Bond up to my Hubitat hub as well, so may end up doing something with it to try and detect the Internet outage and respond in some way. I may also resort to unlinking the shades through the integration directly between GH and the Bond Bridge, and expose the shades using the Hubitat integration with GH, but would prefer to not do this option if I can avoid it.